Ness Elementary School

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Tooth Savers

The purpose of Tooth Savers being at Ness is to help address the lack of access to preventative oral health for children in Spokane. A registered dental hygienist will offer an oral assessment, fluoride treatments, dental sealants and education to each child.  Cavity rates are higher than ever and Tooth Savers is here to help.  Our main focus is to prevent cavities and keep teeth healthy.  The time it takes for an average visit with Tooth Savers is between 5-20 minutes, on the services needed for each individual.  The cost is privately funded without grants.  Medicaid pays 100% of our services if child is enrolled, which 95% of the kids we see are.  Private pay for families is offered at a reduced fee if they choose but, NO child is turned away if unable to pay.

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